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I, _______________________________________________________________

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(hereinafter called the "Client") hereby request a reservation to breed the Mare named below to the stallion, ________________, AQHA #___________________, standing at HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC,in Dewey, Arizona, for the 2011 breeding season on the following terms:

1. The Client agrees to pay a non-refundable Booking Fee of $________ to HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC, with this Contract, and a Breeding Fee of $_____________. The Breeding Fee, plus all appropriate unpaid board and expenses, shall be paid to HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC, prior to the mare leaving the property of HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC.

2. The Client represents and warrants that the Mare to be bred is halter broken, healthy, and in sound breeding condition. If registered, a photocopy of the Mare's papers, showing both sides, must be furnished and returned with this Contract as one of the requirements .

3. The Client agrees to have the Mare current on worming and vaccinations before delivering the Mare to HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC. The Intra-Nasal Strep Vaccine is highly recommended.

4. The Mare will be delivered to and left at HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC until settled, or returned as many times as necessary during the season. All reasonable efforts will be made to settle the mare when present at HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC between the dates of February 15, 2010 and June 1, 2010. Should the Client fail to deliver the Mare to HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC, for breeding on or before June 1, 2010, HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC, will be under no further obligation with respect to this Contract.


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5. The board fees at HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC will be $10.00 per day, wet or dry. All board fees, veterinary, and shoeing expenses will be billed and due monthly upon receipt.

6. Artificial insemination will be used in breeding the Client's Mare at HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC.

7. HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC may exercise its own judgment in caring for and supervising the Mare and/or foal. The Client and the Client's veterinarian may perform at their absolute discretion such veterinarian services as they deem necessary or appropriate at the Client's expense. These include, but are not limited to, worming, treating for infections, disease or accident-related conditions, preventative measures, original examinations, artificial insemination, pregnancy checking.

8. HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC and any other parties involved shall be held harmless of liability for any loss from fire or theft, sickness, disease, injury, death, or other harm suffered by the Mare and/or foal. Likewise, the Client assumes no liability for injury, sickness, or death of the stallion or owners caused by the Mare and/or foal.

9. If the Mare does not settle or does not produce a "live foal" (one that stands and sucks), The Client shall be entitled to return the Mare, or a substitute Mare approved by HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC, for breeding the following year only, on the terms and conditions provided in this Contract, upon payment of that year's Booking Fee, board, and other expenses, but without payment of any further Breeding Fee. This obligation by HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC to re-breed will apply only if the Client notifies HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC in writing within seven (7) days from the birth of a stillborn foal or within thirty (30) days of a miscarriage. This notice must be accompanied by a statement from a licensed veterinarian verifying such facts. It is agreed that this provision will be of no further effect if the Mare is taken to any other stallion before returning said stallion.. If the Client fails to deliver the Mare for re-breeding the following year, any and all fees paid will be forfeited. The right to re-breed under this contract is thereby cancelled and HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC is released from any further obligation.

10. If said stallion should die or become unfit for service before the Mare produces a live foal, the Breeding Fee only shall be refunded to the Client by HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC within a reasonable time of receipt by HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC of a veterinarian's certificate stating that the Mare is barren or did not produce a live foal. Under no circumstances other than stated above shall the Breeding Fee be refunded.


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11. HorseBreakers Unlimited, LLC reserves the right to refuse to breed any mare for any reason.

12. A Breeder's Certificate will be issued to the Client for a foal when HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC,  has been notified of a live foal and all fees and expenses have been received and paid in full.

13. The Client hereby grants HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC, a lien upon the Mare and any foal for any unpaid Breeding Fees, mare care charges, board fees, veterinarian charges, or any other charges.

14. The Client certifies that he/she is the sole owner of the Mare or has full authority to enter into this Contract on behalf of the owner(s).

15. When HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC, by its authorized representative, signs and returns a copy of this Contract to the Client, it will become the binding contract of both parties. This contract is not transferable or assignable.


Name of Mare (please print)

Year foaled and AQHA #

Mare is open? Yes   No    If Mare is bred, last breeding date______________

Approximate date to expect Mare at HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC __________

Mare has a history of the following breeding problems: _________________



Mare has the following bad habits, allergies, or special needs:





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Name of Mare Owner(s) as it appears on Mare's papers (please print)

Signature of Mare Owner(s) or authorized agent (see #14 above)

Street Address

City, State and Zip Code

Daytime Phone Number

Evening Phone Number


Accepted and approved by ___________________________________________

for HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC                                      Dated____________



Print out this form, fill it in completely, and mail it with your Booking Fee check to:

HorseBreakers Unlimited LLC
P.O. Box 687
Dewey, AZ 86327
Phone: (928) 632-5728

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